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Greentree Food Management, Inc.

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Big Company Benefits.
Small Company Feel.

About Our Company

Greentree is a New Jersey-based food management company with a simple philosophy: smaller is better. Through the 25-plus years we have been in business, we have taken great pride in offering peerless service at below-market pricing levels. Our upper management team has more than 70 years of restaurant and food service experience. We have packaged this experience into a comprehensive array of services that includes state-of-the-art restaurant technology such as design, menu planning, presentation, layout, and operation.

Serving the East Coast

Our current clients are located up and down the East Coast from Florida to Massachusetts. With strategic partnerships with the area's premier vending companies, we now offer a full line of vending and office coffee service. Because of our size relative to the large regional and national companies, we offer more personalized service, attention to detail, and hands-on management at pricing levels that cannot be matched within today's market. We offer these services to companies with 100 or more employees. A typical potential food service company analysis normally identifies one of two strengths: great service or low fee/pricing schedules. Because of our knowledge, experience and size, we are able to accomplish both in an atmosphere that is contagious to our customers. We actually enjoy what we do.

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